Adviser to Women for Election

Women for Election is a non-partisan organisation. Its vision is of an Ireland with balanced participation of women and men in political life.
The mission of Women for Election is …

Link2 plans – Communications Adviser

Cathal Lee is a Communications Adviser to Link2Plans www.link2plans which in April 2012 published the first National Housing Construction Index 

Click here for more National Housing Construction Index
Link2Plans capture, analyse and classify all …

Communications Adviser to Open Ireland – making Ireland the Silicon Valley of Europe

The stated aim of Open Ireland is to make Ireland the Silicon Valley of Europe.

Founded by Tech Entrepreneur Sean O’Sullivan ( & Open Ireland is working to help introduce …

KeepVat9 – Campaign for Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI)

Public Affairs and Campaign Strategy for the successful KeepVat9 campaign, for the Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI).
Led by Adrian Cummins, CEO of the RAI, the campaign was successful in convincing …

Sean Gallagher presidential campaign director

Cathal Lee was appointed Campaign Director in April 2011 for Sean Gallagher and managed the nomination process and entire election campaign, until November 2011. Read Sean Gallagher’s testimonial.